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Casting Light on the Black Box: GDC 2024 Bibliography

On Monday 18 March 2024, Phillipe Bosher and Jolie Menzel gave a talk entitled 'Casting Light on the Black Box' as part of the Narrative track at GDC 2024. You can find their Google Slides here, and a list of the media they referenced during their talk below.

  • Slide 8: Sanford Meisner: On Acting | Amazon Link

  • Slide 8: Konstantin Stanislavksi, father of modern acting and 'the method' | 'Building a Character' Amazon Link

  • Slide 10: The Importance of Being Earnest | Project Gutenberg Link

  • Slide 15: David Mamet Teaches Dramatic Writing | Masterclass Link

  • Slide 23: Breaking Point: Q&A with Damian Chazelle | SFWeekly Link

  • Slide 25: The Importance of Being Earnest Sample Casting Call | Link

  • Slide 30: The Importance of Being Earnest Sample Casting Sheet | Link

  • Extra: The Importance of Being Earnest Sample Scene Prep Sheet | Link

  • Slide 33: Harold Guskin: How to Stop Acting | Amazon Link

  • Slide 34: recommended great audio performances: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Radio Series (BBC); Batman: The Animated Series; The Sandman (Audible); The Lord of the Rings (Dramatised) (BBC); Locke & Key (Audible); Neverwhere (BBC).

  • Slide 34: University of Rochester study on the brain's visual processing | Review Link

  • Slide 47: Spider-Man 2 | TikTok Video

  • Slide 51: The Greatest Night in Pop | Netflix Link 1:17.30

Supplemental Material

Bill Nighy talking about his acting process | VIDEO

Michael Shurtleff : Audition (Phillipe's favourite book on acting) | Amazon Link

Judith Weston: Directing Actors (an excellent book on directing) | Amazon Link


The Tools of Acting

The Five Senses: Sight, Sound, Touch, Hearing, Taste

The Three Questions: Who am I talking to and how do I feel about them? What has just happened? What do I want?

If you have any more questions about the talk, or would like to chat with Phillipe about anything, please email:


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